Endearing Features

Luxury, security and flexibility come together beautifully

Ready to whisk you to an all-new level of two-storey luxury. Will you freshen up in the marble ensuite first, or go straight to firing up the optional built-in BBQ, as the sun sets on the balcony? Whichever you choose, you’re there in the press of a button.

KingsVue Lift

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Arts and craft room

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Personalised security
& a smart home

Your privacy and safety are maximised with an array of discrete security features. From the secure basement parking to your private restricted access lift, you’ll experience that extra feeling of confidence. High-definition security cameras monitor the high perimeter walls, courtyards and basement areas.

The latest home automation technology also allows you to personally program when your lights come on. Such is the sophistication, that motion sensors can even alert your mobile in the unlikely event of any unexpected activity.

Livability and future design integrity

We design homes to enable you to keep living in an area you know and love for as long as you choose. Yes, we’re one of the rare developers dedicated to building future-proof homes and improving the quality of people’s lives.

To achieve this, Kings Vue is built to Silver Level “Livable Housing Design” standards. These independently assessed guidelines improve virtually every aspect of your home. Lip-free entrances,

wider doorways and passages, non-slip surfaces, and windows positioned for optimum visibility from seated or standing positions.

Reinforced walls in key areas, and thoughtful touches such as removable shower screens, allow for easy and cost-effective alterations. All this makes for a great, livable design for neighbours like you.

For more visit livablehousingaustralia.org.au

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Balwyn Library

For Active Minds

The $8.9 million upgrade to the Balwyn Library speaks volumes about this thriving community hub. You may simply choose to take a stroll in King Street Chain Reserve right next door. If you have grandkids, the playground is a hidden gem sure to keep them entertained every time they visit.

Owning your own home

Buying a Longevity home is just like buying any other residential property on the open market. The owners retain 100% equity, it’s theirs to sell whenever they please, and they can retain any capital gains.